Monday, August 18, 2008

Medical Ethics/ 5 Questions

1- In the ER you are planning to do a new trial of a new treatment on patients with retrosternal chest pain. Which of the following is true
a) Such studies should not be done on emergency patient as they need immediate management b) Take consent only from patient if capable.
c) Take consent from patient if capable or from SDM if not.

2- A lady for laparoscopic tubal ligation on the way to theater asking you for removal of a mole on her forearm while she is under GA. She is already on premedication. What you will tell her?
a) You cannot do the procedure, as consent should be taken before coming to theatre before giving premedication.
b) Agree to do the procedure

3- A 35- year old male, one of your patients’s for four years, has contacted you and asked you to sign a form for him that he was sick last week. He has to present the form to his employer and mention that during this time he had flu and it was not severe enough to make him come to you and he did not want to abuse the health system. You believe your patient. what will be your action?
A. Tell him that this is illegal and you can not sign the form
B. Sign the form but indicate that you did not see the patient
C. Sign the form because you know your patient very well
D. Call his employer and explain what was the situation

4- A 58-year old patient was admitted to the hospital for appendicectomy. During the surgery his condition deteriorated and he passed into coma. You started tube feeding. The patient has no family member or friends around and no advanced directive. When can you stop the tube feeding?
A. You can not stop it except by the court order
B. You stop it according to the need of his bed for another patient
C. appoint legal guardian to take decision
D. You can stop it according to the opinion of another physician
E. You consult CEO of the hospital to take a legal action.

5- 40-year old patient of yours comes to you and tells you that he is separated from his wife and his wife filed a case that he is sexually abusing their child. He was found guilty and was in jail and just released. He said he has got gun and immediately after leaving the hospital he is going to their house to shoot his wife , he knows the time when his wife is coming back from office What will you do?
A. Inform the police
B. Inform the wife
C. You don’t have to breech the confidentiality of your patient
D. persuade him not to kill his wife
E. asks him to give the gun to you.

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